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HuHot Mongolian Grill's Campaign Nets 80% Increase in Spend


Paytronix Systems Inc. announced that HuHot Mongolian Grill has won the 2019 Paytronix Loyalty Award for Marketing Innovation.

HuHot found that overall customers spent a whopping 80% more than the cost of the pass during the six months in which its Grill Pass campaign ran. Grill Passes gave HuHot customers the opportunity to pre-purchase 5, 11, or 25 discounted grill meals for redemption in the future. Pass holders then had up to six months to redeem their pass.

HuHot reported high-impact results:

  • Total sales reached over half a million dollars with $280,000 in incremental sales
  • 30% increase in visits from Grill Pass purchasers during the redemption period
  • Grill Pass subscribers spent 44%more than usual during the redemption period

The Paytronix platform delivered a frictionless guest experience for purchasing and redeeming the Grill Passes by allowing HuHot to customize its program and integrate loyalty functionality with their own POS system.

“Paytronix provided us with deep analytical campaign insights we were not able to do on our own,” said Stephanie Krause, senior vice president of marketing for HuHot. “This was the first promotion of this sort we’ve offered and we were eager to see what worked and what didn’t. Being able to view pre- and post- campaign incremental spend was hugely valuable.”

Read the full story on HuHot’s award-winning campaign here:

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