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HTNG Beefs-up Web Services-based Interface Specifications

Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) has just released new Web Services specifications. The 2011A release adds a new capability to all existing and future web-service based interface specifications.
It enables hotel systems to broadcast the occurrence of a specific type of event (such as a check-in, a folio posting, a door lock being opened, a room assignment being changed) to any other system that wants to know about that type of event.
It allows systems to automatically receive notifications when an event occurs in another system that they want to know about and act upon, such as a guest room device that needs to provision itself on check-in, a dashboard that wants to know every folio posting, a security system wanting to know about doors being unlocked, or a dispatch system needing to know about a room assignment change to move an amenity.
Simplifying configuration of interfaces by enabling a system to dynamically configure itself to use the events published by another system, with nothing more than an IP address and appropriate security credentials.
The new “Event Notification” specification can be found at  

An extension to the HTNG Protocol and Message Transport specification, Event Notification will work with any web service message (HTNG or proprietary), is consistent with standards published by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C), and supports Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architectures being adopted by many hotel companies and service providers. 
The HTNG certification program is being updated to include the new specification. Documents needed to prepare for certification are available to start preparation now. The certification process will be in place by early to mid May.
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