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Fresh pepperoni pizza in a delivery box

How to Optimize Contactless Delivery

In following the National Restaurant Association’s guidance on keeping transactions as contactless as possible, many chains and independent restaurants are making every effort to deliver food without “material contact” between the delivery person and the customer. 

While many of those logistics—where to leave the food, how to package the food—are outside the scope of restaurant technology, there are some areas where a little tech can actually play a big role.

Make Contactless Delivery An Easy Choice

For online and app-based orders, restaurants should include a “contactless delivery” choice for customers, ensuring that the delivery person won’t expect to meet you or approach your front door.

Facilitate Communication

Mobile ordering programs should also include an option for customers to provide specific directions (“Please leave the pizza on the hood of my car, down the driveway to the left of the house”) or even photos; ideally, the delivery person should also be able to communicate via text messages and photos, as users can on grocery delivery apps such as Instacart.

Encourage Contactless Payments & Tips

Encourage customers to pay in advance via online or mobile or phone, as recommended by the U.S. Payments Forum, including tips.

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