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hotel SystemsPro Announces Account Saturation Tool to Increase Revenue and Focus Sales Activity on Top Accounts

hotel SystemsPro, a pioneer of Web-based enterprise solutions that enable hotel companies to increase market share and revenue through improved property and staff performance, today announced the availability of its Account Saturation Tool, which adds new sales-boosting functionality to the company's flagship hotel SalesPro product. The Account Saturation Tool addresses the hotel industry's demand for more effective methods of capturing vital customer data and automatically generating reports that enable sales teams to identify and focus on the most valuable revenue-generating sales opportunities.

The Account Saturation Tool grows property and hotel company business by providing automated processes that simplify and streamline a sales team's ability to qualify accounts and deliver reports that enable sales teams to leverage the 80/20 rule: targeting the 20% of accounts that provide 80% of revenue.

One of these features, created from customer demand, is the ability for operators to own their detailed account information, regardless of any changes made in property branding. The new sales tool includes two components to increase sales team effectiveness: account qualification and contact profiling.

The Account Saturation Tool's Qualification component provides a complete process for identifying growth and sales opportunities in an account, including automated forecasting of the value of future room and catering revenue potential. The system also:

  • Guides the sales team in gathering the most appropriate qualifying and contact information using the Web-based Worksheet, a form that sales managers can take on customer calls.
  • Automatically calculates annual revenue forecasts based on data entered about maximum and minimum service fees and room rates.
  • Frees the sales team from repetitive administrative duties so they can spend more time closing revenue generating deals.
  • Suggests a trace frequency based on the potential of an account compared to others.

The Profile component enables sales managers to build stronger client relationships by identifying and recording personal information about each client. The Account Profile tool:

  • Provides a format for gathering and sorting personal information gathered during conversations that can be used to build client rapport.
  • Provides fields for user-configurable data that may include birthdays; favorite sports teams, restaurants, flower preference; organizations they belong to, important milestones; etc.

The Account Saturation Tool and the data it generates in hotel SalesPro are accessible across an organization by anyone with secure password authorization.

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