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Hotel Group Utilizes Salt Water Tech to Cut Energy Costs

The Desarrollos Hotelco Group has announced its partnership with Advantix Systems to deliver Advantix’s liquid desiccant technology to the Caribbean’s hospitality industry. Advantix’s units utilize liquid desiccant, a salt water solution, to provide three important benefits for hotels: significantly lower energy costs, humidity control and improved indoor air quality.
Conventional air conditioning systems have one method for cooling air: chilling the air to its dew point to remove humidity and then reheating that air to a comfortable temperature, an intensive process that requires much energy. Advantix’s units simultaneously remove humidity while cooling air, eliminating the overcooling and reheating steps and reducing energy consumption by 30-50 percent while greatly cutting energy-related costs.
Constant humidity is not only uncomfortable, it is also a critical economic issue in the Caribbean – where energy costs are the highest in the Western Hemisphere – and other humid weather regions around the world. Advantix’s technology allows for full humidity control, an attractive benefit for hotels managers that must also worry about the damage humidity can create in hotel rooms and facilities.
In addition, indoor air quality is a concern of many hotel guests. A recent MindClick SGM/Expedia study of 5,000 consumers found that 40 percent of hotel guests say indoor air quality is very important when selecting a hotel. An additional benefit of Advantix’s liquid desiccant technology is its ability to naturally disinfect and improve air quality by scrubbing the air clean of microorganisms and eliminating condensation points such as drip pans that could produce mold or bacteria build-up.
Desarrollos Hotelco Group has installed eight Advantix units in the new Ritz-Carlton, Aruba. The exclusive 320-room oceanfront resort situated on the Caribbean island’s famed Palm Beach is expected to open in 2014.

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