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HME's ION IQ Digital Drive-Thru System Features Comprehensive Sound Management

HME is pleased to introduce ION IQ, a digital drive-thru system to bundle five cutting-edge, sound-enhancing technologies into one package. HME ION IQ features a total sound management system that improves the customer and employee experience alike. The system features Automatic Noise Control (ANC), that dramatically reduces outside ambient noise in drive-thru headsets; enhanced digital noise and echo cancellation; a voice-optimized microphone that levels and clarifies voices for easier-to-understand communication; an advanced speaker system that reduces distortion; and easy-to-use digital tuning and controls.
HME ION IQ's large format digital display and intuitive menus make drive-thru management easier than ever for QSR operators. Remote access capabilities allow managers to change system settings and troubleshoot multiple locations from virtually anywhere, the base station, a back office PC, and at home over the Internet.
HME ION IQ's message center offers a vide variety of message options, and total flexibility to deliver the right message to the right crew member or customer, at the right time. The customer greeter can sequence and schedule up to 12 customer greetings throughout the day, to promote specials and improve check averages. Managers can easily schedule reminders that keep employees on task, and alerts that notify staff of critical developments affecting food safety and restaurant security.
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