HITEC: RateGain Launches Online Reputation Mgmt Solution

Hospitality and travel technology company RateGain is launching a guest satisfaction and online reputation management solution called BrandGain. BrandGain extracts, scans, analyzes and scores comments and reviews on social networks, consumer review sites, blogs and more to provide a complete understanding of customer perceptions. It provides analytics to highlight key customer satisfaction issues, and display actionable data that allows the hotelier to make meaningful decisions that immediately can boost bookings and customer satisfaction levels.
Key features include:
  • Identifies key guest satisfaction trends and analyzes competitor guest satisfaction performance in multiple languages.
  • Advanced web extraction engine extracts, scans, analyzes and scores comments and reviews on almost all popular consumer review sites, social media sites, online travel sites, blogs and new media sites.
  • Its advanced semantic engine analyzes and categorizes information
  • Offers customized views for property and enterprise level.
  • Easy to read dashboards for detailed reporting and analysis for brand-wide performance or by city/country/region level.
  • Competitor benchmarking on guest satisfaction with measurement of Compset Satisfaction Index across any aggregation of properties.
BrandGain is exhibiting at year’s HITEC conference, June 20-23 in Austin, TX, in Booth 142.
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