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HITEC NEWS: iTesso's Mobile Self-Service Solution Puts Hotel Services in Guests' Hands

iTesso has unveiled a self-service mobile solution that enables guests to select their own guestroom, as well as providing a host of other convenient benefits to both the guest and hotelier. The i4Guests solution integrates with the hotel PMS to display a real-time floorplan showing all available rooms-those that are vacant and clean-of the type reserved. Guests can also view vacancies within other room types, with offers to upgrade for a designated fee. This allows hotels to upsell the guest, creating opportunity for additional revenue. When completing the check-in process on a mobile device, including a secure payment transaction, the guest receives a personalized QR code for expedited keycard pickup at a lobby kiosk.
Designed to enhance guest satisfaction while reducing hotel operating costs, i4Guests can be accessed via any mobile Internet browser or from dedicated onsite kiosks. Along with the ultra-marketable guestroom-selection functionality, i4Guests allows guests to update registration details and profile information, and it even handles payment transactions with its built-in PCI-certified credit card processing capability. The i4Guests solution, which is hosted on the cloud-native iTesso platform, can be integrated with any hotel property management system.
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