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HITEC: Janus Displays Features Three New Digital Signage Products

Janus Displays has released three new digital signage products at the 2011 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC) in Austin, Texas. HITEC conference attendees will get the first look at the latest digital signage products offered by Janus Displays, including motion-triggered signage, enhancements to the Janus Portable Concierge Board, and ambient frame lighting.
Motion-triggered signage captures the audience's attention through pronounced movement on a digital display. Using a Kinect motion camera, the screen recognizes movement, enabling the content to react. Janus is featuring this product on a 42-inch touch screen and a video wall comprised of four, 40-inch displays.
Earlier this month, Janus introduced the Portable Concierge Board for meeting planners. Janus has taken this technology a step further by incorporating a QR code on the Concierge Board that will enable hotel guests to scan and access the content of the Janus Concierge Board from the convenience of their mobile device.
Additionally, Janus will showcase an intuitive lighting feature developed to bring any digital signage network to life. Ambient frame lighting recognizes the color displayed on screen, and uses LED lighting to cast a glow that matches the digital content.

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