HITEC: Bittel Phone Fits Tight Spaces

Bittel Electronics announced the latest addition to its UNO lineup of hospitality telephones, the UNO Mini. Barely over four inches in width, UNO Mini phones tuck into an array of tight spaces, yet provide all of the features commonly required by hotel guests and hoteliers.
UNO Mini phones provide up to six programmable guest service keys, standard speakerphone, printable faceplate, and compatibility with all popular hospitality PBXs.
UNO Mini’s features include:
  • Dual-Keypads: Keypads are present on both the base and handset of the phone, providing enhanced ease of use. Base-only keypad versions are also available.
  • Flexible Faceplate Options: UNO Mini is available with either a standard paper faceplate, or
  • an upgraded acrylic front panel for an additional level of style, and simpler maintenance.
  • Standard or High-Profile Handsets: Mini phones are available with either a flush handset or high-profile handset, according to individual hotelier preferences.
The new UNO Mini telephones will be on display at Bittel’s booth (#441) at the HITEC exposition and conference in Austin, Texas, June 21 – 23, 2011.
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