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Hard Rock Reduces Labor Expenses with RFID Tracking System

Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park has implemented the InvoTech UHF-RFID Uniform System to automate control and management of the property’s 6,000-plus uniforms.  The InvoTech Uniform System reduces labor expenses associated with manual handling and increases employee accountability with automated uniform tracking.  
Hard Rock Rocksino’s InvoTech Uniform System interfaces with a White Conveyors U-Pick-It System that automates uniform distribution to each Rocksino team member. The systems communicate and record the location of each uniform – if it is in the laundry or has been retrieved by a team member – to maintain a real-time uniform inventory. InvoTech also records all uniform use and laundry cycles to forecast replacement requirements for accurate budgeting. The InvoTech Uniform System integrates Impinj UHF-RFID readers that read durable waterproof Fujitsu UHF-RFID laundry tags that were attached to the property’s uniforms during initial staff garment fittings.
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