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Hard Rock Las Vegas taps Vast eMarketing Potential with eSignature Solution

When you combine a legendary brand name, a luxury resort and casino in Las Vegas and top-tier rock and rollers like the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney, you get the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Despite the buzz surrounding the world famous resort, the Hard Rock marketing department faced a challenge.

In today's e-mail era, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas had two goals in mind; first to standardize the signature on all outgoing e-mail, to give them a more corporate and consistent feel.

Secondly, the e-mail signatures had to be flexible enough to accommodate marketing promotions, such as upcoming concerts and specials. With this in mind, the IT staff at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas was tasked with finding a solution.

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was on a firm deployment schedule and knew that Policy Patrol Disclaimers from Red Earth Software was the right solution.

Team members at the Hard Rock communicate via e-mail with vendors, partners, legal teams, hotel and casino patrons and fellow team members. It became important to use their outgoing e-mails as entertainment marketing tools to streamline their brand and publicize the events that were happening at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to maintain excitement and momentum.
If a musical event was coming up, Hard Rock wanted to add a banner promoting that event on all e-mail signatures without having to burden individual users with constant updates to their e-mail signatures. 
“We chose Policy Patrol, due to its close integration with Exchange Server and Active Directory. This allows us to configure one template that is automatically personalized with the sender’s contact information,” says Mike Essig, it director at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.
“Policy Patrol immediately applies updates to Active Directory contact information in the users’ e-mail signatures, which makes it very easy to maintain. Since e-mail signatures are configured from one central template, it is a simple task to update e-mail marketing information for all e-mail signatures.
Since the Policy Patrol software was deployed, the results have been nothing but positive. The centralized e-mail signatures program allows Hard Rock to consistently brand their e-mails and customize them with information from the marketing department quickly and easily.
“Policy Patrol Disclaimers is very easy to operate and we have to do very little to maintain it,” says Essig. “As a company, we have experienced no downtime with Policy Patrol since implementation. It is consistent, reliable, and easy to use.”
With roughly 2,500 employees and 800 active e-mail accounts, Policy Patrol has opened the door for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to capitalize on a previously untapped marketing resource, its own e-mails.
Quick Facts
Company: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Employees: 2,500
E-mail accounts: 800
Mail server: Exchange Server 2007
Vendor website:
Length of project: 2 days
Implementation: Company-wide
Company website:
Effeciency Savings
Raise Brand Awareness
Utilize Marketing Opportunity
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