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Harbortouch Adds Tableside iPad Ordering Functionality

Harbortouch has begun deploying its new tableside ordering feature on all Harbortouch Hospitality systems as part of its free POS system program. With Harbortouch Tableside, restaurant servers input customer orders directly into the POS software at the table via a dedicated Apple iPad app that mirrors the main POS interface. Orders are relayed directly to the kitchen or bar for a dramatic increase in efficiency for both the restaurant and its customers, as well as other key benefits, including: Increased speed of service for a better customer experience; quicker table turns; which produce additional revenue;  the elimination of redundancies associated with hand writing orders; more accurate ordering; and a unique, impressive dining experience for restaurant patrons.
As part of the company's free equipment program, the Harbortouch Hospitality software system offers countless time- and money-saving features, such as employee management, inventory tracking, customized menus, flexible pricing and advanced reporting. While the iPad integrates seamlessly with the Harbortouch Hospitality system, the customers are responsible for purchasing their own iPad.

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