Gaylord Reduces Data Mining Efforts from Weeks to Minutes

Gaylord Entertainment Company announces its deployment of the Content Mining Service from Clarabridge. Clarabridge's text analytics capability is delivered via the Internet on a hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, giving Gaylord customer insights from an increasing variety of critical "listening posts" across the business, enabling the company to better serve hotel guests and support meeting planners.

"From our initial look at Clarabridge, we immediately understood the impact this solution could have across our resorts," says Tony Bodoh, manager of operations analysis for Gaylord Entertainment Company. "We have a whiteboard full of ideas of how to use text analytics, and any one of them could make or save the company significant dollars. The real-time, easy-to-comprehend customer intelligence dashboards that Clarabridge provides enable us to improve operations in a variety of ways and position us for ongoing, long-term growth."

Gaylord is using Clarabridge's text analytics solution to gather and analyze customer feedback from surveys, email, chat messaging, staffed call centers, and online forums associated with guests' and meeting planners' experience at the company's purpose-built convention resorts.

The Clarabridge solution immediately processes 100 percent of its unstructured, text-based information, reducing employee work time and increasing the accuracy and thoroughness of analysis. Previously, customer comments in Gaylord's surveys were processed manually once a month, and it took three to four weeks to deliver results to company decision makers.

With Clarabridge's solution, the process takes minutes and provides Gaylord greater flexibility in manipulating results, ultimately producing a more dependable and useful measurement of customer sentiment and quantifying the "voice of the customer." For example, location managers and corporate executives have used findings to influence decisions on building improvements.

Gaylord also intends to use Clarabridge's solution to mine online consumer-review forums, to tailor training per individual employee, to better evaluate and compensate personnel, and to better leverage the opinions and insights of its front-line staff.

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