FreshAir Announces New FreshCheck Room Inspection Verification App

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

FreshAir, a  developer of sensors to detect and alert for hazardous chemicals, announces the release of its new FreshCheck room inspection verification app. Using FreshAir's connected devices and an easy-to-use mobile app, managers can now verify room inspections.

“It is common knowledge within the hotel industry that cleanliness drives guest satisfaction and thus customer loyalty. This has become even more important with COVID-19.” said Joseph BelBruno, Chief Technology Officer of FreshAir. “By developing this new app-based technology, we are enabling hotel management to ensure those high levels of cleanliness by verifying daily room inspections.”

The FreshCheck app works in tandem with the FreshAir smoking detection device, or with a separate beacon, in each hotel room. The room inspector selects each given room in the FreshCheck mobile app, then enters the room and inspects it. When that inspector’s mobile device is in the room and within 10 feet of that room’s FreshAir device, the room inspector can confi­rm the cleaning and room inspection in the app. That room will then be veri­fied as inspected in the FreshAir account, and the inspector can move on to the next room.

Hotel management can view cleaning verifications and can run detailed daily reports on inspected rooms. The app provides a simple way to verify daily cleaning of each room, improve cleanliness, and thus improve guests’ satisfaction. This inspection verification capacity functions as an addition to the existing FreshAir smoking detection system.

For more information on FreshAir, please visit:

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