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FireFly Technologies Adds E-mail Order Confirmation to Phoenix POS Software

Restaurant operators can add an extra level of customer service with the e-mail order confirmation feature in the Phoenix Point-of-Sale system from FireFly Technologies. This capability is available in the newest release of the Phoenix POS software.

When taking an order, the system prompts cashiers to ask for the customer's e-mail address, which is saved in the customer database. Phoenix POS automatically sends an electronic copy of the receipt to the customer. The system can also send another confirmation when the order is assigned to a driver.

"The e-mail confirmation of receipts is truly a breakthrough for our industry, especially the way Phoenix is set up," says Moe Taleb of Zig Zag Kitchen in Chicago, Ill. "The system requires the staff to ask customers if they would like an e-mail confirmation, assuring the customer that the order has been placed correctly. On a daily basis, we gain five to eight new e-mails from 90 to 120 calls."

Taleb says corporate customers use their e-mail confirmations to complete expense reports. For the catering portion of their business, the feature ensures the customer and restaurant both have the correct date and time of the event. "E-mail order confirmation gives our small catering company a professional image," he says.

Integrated e-mail features are just one advantage of the Web-based technology on which Phoenix POS is based. In addition, Phoenix offers complete integration with multiple online order providers; instant, real-time access to manager alerts; sales and labor data via your mobile phone's Web browser; and schedule notifications to employees via text message.
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