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Dunn Bros Coffee Increase Sales and Speeds Checkouts with Mobile Pay App

Dunn Bros Coffee, a specialty coffee shop with more than 80 locally-owned shops, has announced the franchise-wide rollout of its mobile payments and loyalty app.
With the Dunn Bros app, franchisees can better cater to the most important part of their business: their customers. Since Dunn Bros customers are always on the go, the app provides a faster, easier payment experience and includes a list of the closest shop locations and a menu that customers can easily access anywhere. To reward their most loyal customers, the app automatically unlocks $3 of credit to spend at Dunn Bros for every $50 customers spend. The app also offers customers the option to donate a portion of their loyalty rewards to a neighborhood food shelf, a reflection of the company's commitment to the local communities it serves.
The Dunn Bros app is powered by LevelUp, a mobile payment and loyalty network. This means franchisees will have access to all the benefits of LevelUp's best-in-class payment and loyalty infrastructure, including:

Customer data: Franchisees will have access to data that enables them to better understand customers' purchase patterns.
Engagement tools: Tools within the Dunn Bros app let franchisees act on the data, to better segment customers and provide more relevant offers that result in increased sales and visit frequency.
Lowering payment processing: Franchisees will save money by paying lower payment processing fees on app transactions.
After a successful pilot at four regionally dispersed Dunn Bros shops, the app will begin rolling out to all Dunn Bros Coffee shops and is expected to be live system-wide by early December. 
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