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Duetto Introduces ScoreBoard: A Revenue Intelligence Platform

Duetto, a provider of Revenue Strategy solutions for hotels and casinos, said it is now offering an application that provides even greater insight into revenue and performance, helping hotels and casinos move beyond spreadsheets to better manage and grow their business on-property and across entire portfolios. The new product, ScoreBoard, integrates with property management systems to enable hoteliers to compile and centralize up-to-the-minute reports on performance data and forecasts, display custom reports in minutes and deliver big-picture insights across an entire company with one click.
ScoreBoard was developed with several features meant to alleviate common pain points for hotels, including:
  • An intuitive forecast builder that allows month-level data entry and boasts a “smart spreading” feature, which takes a revenue manager’s updated numbers and intelligently allocates them day by day through the month, reflecting when demand rises and falls.
  • A customizable report builder, which incorporates more than 50 performance metrics, filters and comparisons, ensuring that crucial reports are presented in minutes, not days.
  • Cross-property reporting, which rolls up data, budgets and forecasts for an entire portfolio of hotels, saving time and allowing brand executives or asset managers to see the big picture across an entire portfolio.
ScoreBoard provides visibility for the entire organization, making complicated and sometimes inaccessible data from the PMS easy to consume for all stakeholders, from revenue managers to marketers to general managers. Anyone who needs to understand how the hotel performed on a past date or is going to perform on a future date now has that information at their fingertips.
“What good is all the data companies are gathering if it takes too long to access or make it actionable?” said Fernando Vives, Chief Commercial Officer for Spain-based NH Hotel Group, which partnered with Duetto to design and pilot-test several Revenue Intelligence features. “We’re confident that NH will be able to move beyond spreadsheets and develop better business strategies across 400 hotels around the world, now that we have far better visibility into our data and the ability to access and share it faster. Speed and accuracy make all the difference when hotel distribution and traveler preferences change so quickly.”
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