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Dolce Hotels & Resorts Puts Front Desk Capabilities on iPad

Dolce Hotels & Resorts, Aspen Meadows Resort has announced the first beta installation of the OPERA 9 Front Desk Mobile from MICROS Systems, Inc. OPERA 9 Front Desk Mobile is an innovative, fully integrated solution that allows the resort to use an iPad to check-in and check-out guests, organize housekeeping activities, and create task sheets, improving revenue, operational efficiencies, and increasing overall guest satisfaction. Dolce has several properties set to deploy OPERA 9 Front Desk Mobile throughout the first half of 2013.
Dolce Hotels & Resort is an extensive user of MICROS solutions in its multiple hotels located throughout North America and Europe. The Aspen Meadows Resort, long a leader in utilizing advanced technology, eagerly embraced the OPERA 9 mobile solution. MICROS OPERA 9 coexists with, and adds value to, Aspen Meadows Resort’s existing MICROS OPERA PMS, ensuring the entire set of functionality of OPERA is offered in the mobile solution.
Aspen Meadows Resort uses an iPad with MICROS OPERA 9 loaded at the local airport, checking in guests at the baggage claim area. Upon arriving at the hotel, guests are able to bypass the front desk and proceed directly to their rooms.
In addition to remote check-in, Aspen Meadows Resort will also take advantage of OPERA 9 Mobile’s Housekeeping Task Companion solution as part of the next phase of the beta. Housekeeping Task Companion provides housekeeping staff the ability to change a hotel room’s housekeeping status easily on the go, as well as provide instruction and direction to other staff members. The Housekeeping Task Companion system determines which rooms to clean next based on various factors: if the room is in backlog, the anticipated arrival time of the guest, how many guests will occupy the room, and when the current guests will check out.

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