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Cvent Launches Professional Services Program for Web Survey Clients

Cvent, a provider of online web survey tools and event management solutions, announces the launch of Cvent Professional Services Group, a turnkey consultation program designed to optimize survey campaigns and generate improved business intelligence for Cvent clients. Cvent is now offering service packages to assist clients in strategic data collection and feedback management.

The Professional Services Group will support clients throughout the survey management process, offering both hands-on assistance and strategic consultation services for:

  • survey creation
  • content review and commentary
  • graphic design
  • contact list procurement
  • response generation techniques
  • data analysis and trend spotting
  • custom report generation

Cvent's goal in offering these services is to help clients get the meaningful data they need from surveys to make the right business decisions. Having the right survey can help companies make critical decisions about launching new products, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the products and services they offer. Cvent's experts can help clients design the right survey, ask the best questions, get the right respondents, and analyze the results in meaningful reports.

Professional services offerings are customized to the specific needs of the client and each survey campaign. Cvent's analysts employ years of experience in conducting market research, customer research, employee satisfaction surveys, training evaluations and other types of feedback campaigns to ensure valuable results and feedback.

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