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Crowne Plaza Pilots Connectivity Panels at Select Properties

The Crowne Plaza in Dayton, Ohio has selected to install connectivity panels from C2G that allow hotel guests to easily connect their personal devices and equipment to the in-room television for multimedia sharing and in-room entertainment.
Hotel guests simply connect their personal media device to TruLink Media Gateway, which then automatically detects the port being used, selects the HDMI input on the in-room TV and transmits the content. TruLink Media Gateway provides plug and play connectivity that allows guests to connect their laptops; portable media devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods and MP3 Players; cameras; DVD or Blu-ray players; gaming consoles or similar equipment—and display them on the high-definition TV. Cell phones and MP3 players can also be charged through the unit’s USB port. Connection ports include HDMI, VGA, composite video, 3.5mm audio, USB, Ethernet, Apple devices, MP3 players and power receptacles.
TruLink Media Gateway provides the hotel company with the flexibility to customize its look to match the dÉcor of different guest rooms and can be installed in a wall, furniture, or utilized as a desktop accessory. Hotel IT staff can update the firmware on TruLink Media Gateway in a matter of a few seconds via the network, saving significant costs each time an upgrade is needed to address a new technology.

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