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Control4 Releases New Suite System Remotes

Control4, a provider of affordable IP-based home control and entertainment systems, announces the addition of two new remote controls, the Control4 SR-H150 and the SR-HL150 for LodgeNet properties. The new industrial design of the remotes feature improved system usability and function visibility while delivering a consistent, personalized guest experience. The SR-HL150, developed for LodgeNet properties, also includes an order button to enable easy access to media entertainment options and internet connectivity solutions.
Key remote features include:

  • Reliable ZigBee technology which frees users from line of sight requirements for control. The Control4 system is accessible from anywhere in the room or suite.
  • Remotes include an intelligent motion-sensing system that "wakes" the remote when picked up, turning on the back light, so the remote is easier to read.
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