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Colwen Hotels Deploys Cloud Tech for Management System

New Hampshire-based Colwen Hotels oversees a portfolio of 23 Marriott, Hilton and independent properties across the New England states. Colwen Hotels turned to Newmarket® International, Inc. for the comprehensive, market leading Hospitality Relationship Management™ (HRM™) system, Delphi®.fdc, to manage their group sales and events.
Beyond the limited capabilities of its current solution, Colwen Hotels requires complete enterprise capabilities for ownership to use at the corporate level while allowing regional directors access at their multiple property locations.
Delphi.fdc, an application of the Newmarket HRM Cloud, provides this powerful functionality for sales and catering, account and contact management, along with reporting and analysis to drive revenue, increase operational efficiency, and improve guest satisfaction.
Beyond the enterprise capabilities of Delphi.fdc, the expansive and stable platform of the natively built application provides cutting-edge appeal to Colwen Hotels. As a cloud-based, Software as a Service solution, Delphi.fdc continues to provide streamlined and secure technologies that keep Newmarket International as a leader in the hospitality technology industry.
With Delphi.fdc, the benefits of cloud technologies through Salesforce can reach even further for Colwen Hotels with such options as expanded search and view capabilities, customizable reporting, mobile flexibility, and more. Every feature of Delphi.fdc is available to its users from any computer, anywhere in the world via Web browser. And thanks to the flexible platform, customers can enable the functionalities of Delphi.fdc to scale with their business growth and needs, making it an ideal solution for Colwen Hotels.

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