CityCenter's 4,300+ Guest Rooms Promise an Unprecedented Level of Personalized Automation & Energy Conservation Tech

More than 4,300 guest rooms in the ARIA Resort & Casino and the Mandarin Oriental hotels in Las Vegas' CityCenter are using Control4's Suite System. Control4 Suite Systems delivers the ultimate experience for guests, enabling them to control every aspect of the room environment and interact with entertainment and hotel services, while enabling CityCenter with unparalleled control of energy usage. CityCenter is the largest Control4 Suite Systems deployment to date.

"Today's consumers are just as conscious of being green when they travel as they are when they're home. But that doesn't change the desire to be pampered. Control4 Suite Systems offers CityCenter guests the reassurance that they are staying in the most energy efficient establishment in Las Vegas. We can control energy consumption in rooms when they are not in use and guests can enjoy the luxury of controlling all aspects of the room with a single remote control," says Scot Campbell, senior vice president and chief information officer, MGM MIRAGE information technology.

Personalized automation
Control4 Suite Systems offers guests an unprecedented level of personalized automation, a luxury previously only available in high-end custom homes and select resort suites. When guests open the door to their rooms, they are greeted with an automated welcome experience: the lights gradually come on, the drapes open to spectacular views of the city or mountains, and the TV turns on to display a list of automated controls. Using one simple remote and the intuitive Control4 on-screen view, guests can easily use the TV to set the systems in their rooms to their personal preferences, including lighting levels, room temperature, television/video systems, music, drapes and guest services.

Having all guestroom devices incorporated into one platform makes it easy to provide "scenes" that modify all settings at once. For example, each room features a "good night" button on the touch screen next to the bed, which turns off the lights, TV and/or music; closes the drapes; and turns on the privacy notification for the room. Similarly, guests can select a "wake-up" scene where lights and music gradually come on, the temperature comes up, and the drapes open for a more soothing wake-up experience. After a guest has checked out, a room can quickly be put in "unoccupied" mode, which shuts off the lights, heating or cooling, entertainment systems, and any other electronic device in the room.

Control4 Suite Systems integrates with property management systems to deliver concierge-type services, as well as automate the guestroom, based on check-in/check-out status. The product is also used to provision and manage guest rooms and alert technical systems to problems such as low batteries in remotes. It can be implemented on-site or from a remote monitoring location.

Interested in learning more about CityCenter's guestroom technology?
Join the team from Hospitality Technology at the 2010 Hotel Technology Forum as Scot Campbell, SVP and CIO for MGM; Monika Nerger, VP of technology, the Americas, Mandarin Oriental; and David Heckaman, VP of technology and development, Mandarin Oriental, discuss the next-gen systems that are yielding more revenue for their properties and more during the session "In-Room Technology at CityCenter: Controlling & Integrating Profitable Systems." Register today!
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