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Church’s Chicken Promotes Felicia White to VP


Church’s Chicken has promoted Felicia White, to Vice President of Global Operations Training and Development. White formerly served as Senior Director of Training and Development for the brand and a recipient of HT's Top Women in Restaurant Technology Innovator honoree.

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Felicia White has tapped tech to create a uniform Church's Chicken training program.

White began her career as a National Field Trainer. She is known as one of the company’s most driven and dynamic leaders – with a keen eye for innovation that has been helping to drive the brand’s steady upward trajectory.

“So much of what we have accomplished at Church’s in the past few years has been a direct result of Felicia’s tireless work in transforming our field training and operational excellence,” shared Brendan Berg, SVP of Global Operations Services at Church’s Chicken. “Her skill with implementing new technologies, learning methodologies, and uniform training has tightened our operations systemwide and led to improved guest KPIs. I know I speak for everyone when I say Felicia will be a tremendous asset in this high-level role.”

In her position as Vice President, White will lead the execution of operational training initiatives and restaurant-level professional development programs across the entire global field organization for Church’s Chicken. This includes responsibility for delivering engaging restaurant level curriculum, robust Above Restaurant Leader training, and additional support for Certified Training Restaurants.  She will also manage all aspects of the Excellence in Leadership Conferences and Global Conventions, including Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Vendor Management and Production.

White spent the last two years completely transforming the domestic training program into what is now known as PTE-University, a dynamic world-class e-learning solution designed to unite all Church’s and Texas Chicken restaurants around the world in a single, cohesive platform. She and her team will work closely with International brand leadership to expand this and other successful domestic initiatives to International Franchisees.

Mentoring the Leaders of Tomorrow

“Her passion will continue to drive her forward in this role. Felicia is a prime example of a team member who not only works hard but strives to create change and opportunity for everyone in the Church’s family,” said Karen Viera, Global Chief People Officer.

A long-time veteran of the brand, White’s contributions have reached well beyond the realm of training when it comes to building a better workplace. She was instrumental in creating the Church’s women’s Forum and the Church’s Mentorship Program, and she has made significant contribution to the People Excellence Committee and the Church’s Partners Foundation.

“I have always valued the trust and support Church’s has given me and my ideas,” said White. “I am appreciative of the chance to take my work on a global scale and I look forward to serving an even larger community of Church’s and Texas Chicken operators, franchisees, and team members as we all work to Stake Our Claim as a leader in the global chicken category.”

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