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Church’s Chicken Extends 10-Year Partnership with ArrowStream

ArrowStream, Inc., a supply chain innovator that combines expertise in data science and analytics to improve the way supply chains perform, announced that Church’s Chicken, the global quick-service hand-battered fried chicken restaurant chain, will add three years to its contract for ArrowStream’s OnDemand software, which allows Church’s to manage pricing, Limited Time Offers (LTOs), and inventory with greater efficiency and ease.
Over the course of the existing 10-year partnership, ArrowStream delivered significant, tangible value to Church’s supply chain team. Church’s can monitor and mitigate pricing discrepancies with OnDemand, allowing the supply chain team to proactively address potential issues before they arise and capture savings. OnDemand’s Inventory and Promotions component is also utilized by Church’s to strategically plan inventory levels for LTOs. This ensures franchisee commitments are properly tracked and the right inventory level is maintained at both distribution centers and stores, avoiding costly product outages or surpluses at the store level.
“We have renewed our agreement again because of ArrowStream’s relentless drive to provide us with technology and logistics services that will make a significant impact on our business,” said Barry Barnett, SVP, global supply chain and purchasing, Church’s Chicken. “Whether it’s a small tweak or a major enhancement, ArrowStream has shared our commitment to provide great chicken experiences to our guests, which means a reliable supply chain that can adapt to both our needs and the needs of the guests and communities we serve. We’ve thoroughly benefited from our long-standing partnership with ArrowStream and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”
OnDemand’s technology has continued to evolve, regularly providing added benefits to Church’s. Supplier connectivity is a new feature the brand is utilizing, enabling unparalleled visibility into the origin of product movement from suppliers, processors, distribution centers, and stores.
In addition to OnDemand technology, Church’s is utilizing ArrowStream’s Logistics Managed Services and Benchmarking consultants to maximize its distribution network savings. The brand’s in-house distribution team is supplemented with benchmark intel, providing insight into market trending data and lane analysis of critical freight components. This service has provided Church’s with a greater than seven-figure return on investment.
Church’s joins Firehouse Subs as the second top 100 restaurant chain to renew its partnership with ArrowStream in 2017. ArrowStream has also recently brought Shake Shack, CraftWorks, Hooters, Sbarro, and White Castle into its portfolio of customers. OnDemand empowers companies to quickly identify price variance savings opportunities and proactively address the most pressing threats in their supply chains by centralizing inventory, contract, and quality assurance information. OnDemand’s streamlined interface eliminates the need for traditional data mining by bringing specific challenges to the forefront, and by cleansing, merging, and mapping restaurant data that allows immediate action to be taken. Restaurant supply chain and purchasing departments have a single source of truth with OnDemand, allowing them to make better tactical and strategic decisions.
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