Chipotle Releases Latest Version of Line-Busting iPhone Ordering App

Chipotle has teamed with Blue Rocket to develop the latest 2013 release of the Chipotle iPhone Ordering app, the first major release of the Chipotle app since 2010. Blue Rocket has worked with Chipotle since 2009 when it first launched the Chipotle Ordering App for the iPhone. Many in the fast-casual restaurant industry consider the Chipotle iPhone Ordering app the gold standard for a “line-busting” mobile ordering experience. The public agrees according to that shows Chipotle’s iPhone Ordering app ranked as the top fast-casual restaurant app within the entire food and drink app category.
Chipotle iPhone Ordering app allows customers to configure an order, pay for the order directly on their iPhone, select a store and available pick-up time, and then skip-the-line to grab their pre-ordered meal.
The latest release of the Chipotle iPhone Ordering adds features like presenting menu items only available at a specific locations, taking payments with gift cards and looking up gift card balances, nutritional and allergen information, and enabling selection of special menu options like brown rice. Customers also receive improved navigation, Spanish and French language support and mobile ordering for Canada, UK and Paris locations as well.
Blue Rocket also worked with Chipotle’s design agency, Rokken, to complete the latest Chipotle Ordering app design changes.
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