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China's Blue Horizon Hospitality Taps Enterprise POS for Improved Customer Loyalty & More

Five of Shanghai's blue frog bar & restaurant locations announced the successful deployment of Radiant Systems, Inc.'s Aloha Enterprise solution, helping to ensure future growth of one of China's most successful American casual concepts. Blue frog bar & restaurants are owned and operated along with KABB bar & grill by Blue Horizon Hospitality Group.

"We are delighted with Radiant's partnership and service as their team has made it easy for these sites to transition to the Aloha solution, and we look forward to continue deploying the technology within other locations in the future," says Michelle LaVallee, chief operating officer at Blue Horizon Hospitality Group. "Radiant's approach to client satisfaction and the hospitality industry's business needs is refreshing and is sure to be a game changer in China. We are excited to use the Aloha Enterprise solution, particularly Aloha Loyalty, as a way for us to improve upon our brand promise to customers and share holders, grow our customer base and reward guests for their visits with us."

Blue frog bar & grill implemented Aloha Enterprise modules including Aloha Table Service POS, Aloha Insight, Aloha Loyalty, Aloha Stored Value, MenuLink Labor and MenuLink Inventory. Running on Radiant 1220 hardware terminals, Aloha Table Service POS has a user-friendly interface to help employees send orders to the kitchen quickly, increasing speed of service and productivity and allowing restaurant staff to spend more time serving guests. Back office intelligence offered through Aloha Insight, MenuLink Labor and MenuLink Inventory enables Blue Horizon management to reduce food and labor costs through increased visibility of site inefficiencies as well as measure operational performance through a variety of configurable reporting tools. In addition, Aloha Loyalty software helps drive customer loyalty and stimulate repeat business through customizable reward and bonus programs, while Aloha Stored Value drives profits through gift card purchases as well as tracking how, when and where gift cards are used to make more informed marketing decisions.

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