Cendyn to power TIME Hotels’ CRM & guest loyalty programs

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Cendyn, a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry, announced that it has been selected by TIME Hotels to power their CRM and guest loyalty programs, across their portfolio of properties in the UAE and beyond.

Having already used Cendyn’s award-winning content management system (CMS), TIME Hotels chose Cendyn to help them achieve greater guest personalization, through enterprise marketing automation and guest intelligence.

“By layering Cendyn’s industry-leading eInsight CRM and eLoyalty platforms on top of our existing CMS, we can now begin to unlock invaluable insights into the unique preferences of each guest, enhance the capabilities of our loyalty program, and create enhanced experiences throughout every touchpoint of the guest journey,” commented Mohamed Awadalla, CEO of TIME Hotels.

Cendyn’s CRM platform collects and organizes data from multiple sources into a rich guest profile that provides a 360-degree view into each guest’s interests and behavior. With the CRM’s ability to provide automation, segmentation, and extensive reporting, TIME Hotels can now use these insights to drive revenue and create personalized communications for specific audiences based on past stay history, preferences, loyalty status, guest lifetime value score and other factors.

Cendyn’s comprehensive eLoyalty solution, which is powered by Cendyn’s CMS, will enable TIME Hotels to build long-term relationships with loyalty members, including a bespoke member portal, custom messaging for each guest and full reward management capabilities. With these programs, each hotel in TIME’s portfolio will be empowered to leverage real-time data to create the personalized experiences and multi-channel automation that drive revenue and repeat visits.

“Cendyn is excited to continue our relationship with TIME Hotels and provide them with the technology-enabled solutions that allow them to continue evolving the guest experience across their hotel portfolio. We’ve purposely designed our CRM, CMS, and eLoyalty platforms to provide the industry’s most comprehensive platform for creating unmatched personalization through every stage of the guest journey, including robust loyalty rewards and management tools. These solutions will also be able to scale with TIME Hotels as they continue to expand to new locations,” said John Seaton, Chief Revenue Officer at Cendyn.

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