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CBS Announces Cloud-Based NorthStar Order Entry POS for Microsoft Windows

Custom Business Solutions (CBS) announced the company will preview its new NorthStar Order Entry POS system for Microsoft Windows at the MURTEC show in Las Vegas. Available later this year, NorthStar for Windows will feature the same robust enterprise-grade, cloud-based POS interface that CBS has been offering on Apple iOS for the past six years.
NorthStar Order Entry provides an omnichannel system for guests and servers to more efficiently order while managing security, improving speed of service, and enhancing the guest experience.
The new NorthStar for Windows will enable restaurant operators currently using Windows 10 to convert to NorthStar’s POS interface on their existing hardware. Additionally, restaurants will also be able operate dual platforms, Apple iPads and Windows devices, within the same environment, meeting the varied technological needs of each restaurant in the system.
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