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Carlson Hotels Launches Green Guide for Global Environmental Sustainability Program

Carlson Hotels Worldwide introduce a comprehensive new "green guide" outlining sustainability strategies and practical steps for environmental responsibility, that can be applied across all of Carlson's five hotel brands. Entitled "Practical Guide to Greening Your Hotel," the green guide is part of Carlson Hotels' global initiative to develop programs, policies and partnerships based on responsible business practices.

The new guide and strategy were announced at the American Hotel & Lodging Association Fall Conference taking place here this week. Carlson Hotel brands include Regent Hotels & Resorts; Radisson Hotels & Resorts; Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts' Country Inns & Suites By Carlson and Park Inn.

"Carlson Hotels is focusing on specific issues such as reducing, recycling and reusing solid waste, reducing the use of harmful chemicals, conserving energy and water and improving indoor air quality that can have immediate impact on the environment and the communities where our hotels operate," says Carmen Baker, vice president of Responsible Business for Carlson Hotels Worldwide. "As we look at all facets of our operations, this educational tool provides the information our hotels need to enhance their efforts and employ additional actionable opportunities. These efforts serve to balance business goals with the impact the company makes on society and the natural environment," Baker added.

"Travelers increasingly recognize the value of patronizing environmentally friendly hotels and many are modifying their travel habits. According to a 2008 Deloitte survey, more than one-third of travelers are keenly concerned about 'green' travel. Carlson is committed to addressing this issue as a cornerstone of its responsible business practices."

Carlson Hotels recently conducted its own guest survey, which found:

  • Overall, guests feel they are very engaged in environmental issues and 58 percent said they would be willing to book a hotel room that is environmentally friendly.
  • Guests expressed a high degree of willingness to do their part at home and while on the road.
  • Fifty-six percent said they actively seek environmentally friendly products and services with 52 percent saying they would participate in programs to help reduce or offset the hotel's carbon emissions.
  • When it comes to their willingness to change behavior, most guests seek choice - such as the choice to have their linen or towels changed or not changed.

In addition to its development of the green guide, Carlson Hotels is engaged in a pilot program of environmental audits and related research at selected hotel properties and corporate facilities. The audits provide a comprehensive baseline of a property's efficiency, energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Property managers will next review potential improvement strategies, making a determination of return on investment (ROI) and the general feasibility of implementing the projects.

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