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Caribou Coffee Boosts Redemptions by 215% with Highly Targeted Campaigns


Caribou Coffee has won the 2019 Paytronix Loyaltees Award for Business Impact. Caribou’s strategic work to effectively remove dilutive discounts using Paytronix’s custom likelihood-to-visit scoring tool helped drive significantly improved incremental visits and sales.

Prior to working with Paytronix, Caribou operated a surprise-and-delight loyalty program with tools that made segmentation and promotional execution difficult. Since partnering with Paytronix, the company has relaunched Caribou Perks as a points-based program. Caribou now better leverages the purchase data of members to conduct target-and-control campaigns that drive incremental visits and sales. 

Caribou Coffee and Paytronix recently teamed up to improve a summer loyalty promotion by adjusting the offer and fine-tuning the targeting using Paytronix’s likelihood-to-visit scoring tool. Redemptions improved 215%, the incremental sales ROI improved 150%, and the discount decreased 10% from the previous year.

“The Paytronix Data Insights team helped us design a target-and-control strategy that allowed us to build our playbook while documenting promotional results,” said Caroline Larson, Director of CRM & Loyalty for Caribou Coffee. “We then use our playbook to accurately forecast what a promotion could do, making sure we hit our business goals. This has been hugely valuable to our business strategy. Over the past couple of years, Paytronix has been a great partner in helping us meet our business objectives and we’ve seen it positively affect our revenue. We look forward to continuing our work together and driving results.”

Read the full story on Caribou Coffee’s award-winning results here:

Founded in 1992, Caribou Coffee is the second-largest company-operated premium coffeehouse in the United States, with more than 300 company-owned locations nationwide. It also has over 120 domestic license locations in 22 states and over 270 international franchise stores in 11 countries

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