Can AI Deliver a Perfect Night’s Sleep?

Offering guests a good night’s sleep is the hotelier’s holy grail. Technology may finally make it possible thanks in part to Bryte, the creator of an advanced AI-connected, robotics-powered bed.

Bryte's in-bed technology measures, tests, and learns what every sleeper needs for a great night’s sleep through real-time control of temperature, pressure points, and room environment. According to Bryte, its sleepers enjoy a personalized sleep experience, with firmness and temperature configured to each sleeper separately from their partner.  With in-built sensors and 100 computer-controlled pneumatic coils, the bed learns each sleeper, keeping track of individual sleep partners' sleep quality, sensing pressure points and temperature and making real-time adjustments for optimum comfort. The bed helps users fall asleep with multi-sensory relaxation and gently wakes them up with temperature and light to simulate a natural sunrise. Then, upon waking, users receive a full analysis of their night's sleep.

As interest in Bryte grows, some luxury hotels and resorts have already begun to outfit their guestrooms with Bryte beds, including the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort and the London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills.

The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, which has 111 guestrooms and 400 residences, has always been focused on wellness and using technology to improve wellness.

“We realized that Bryte would be a big differentiator for our brand,” says Tammy Pahel, Vice President of Spa and Wellness at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort.  

What particularly impressed Pahel after sleeping on the bed was how it could offer two completely different personalized sleep experiences at the same time for a couple sleeping in the bed.

“It’s ingenious,” she notes.

“Our guests have been raving about their sleeping experience when staying in the suite with the Bryte beds,” he notes. “Some have even purchased the beds for their personal use at home. I’m very happy to be at a hotel that’s partnered with Bryte, enhancing my guests' sleeping experience and making their stay even more wonderful.”

Bryte uses AI to harden or soften, warm or cool each side of the robotics-powered bed independently according to user preference.

Jeff Kulek, Area Vice President and General Manager, London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills, was also impressed by the technology.

“Not only is it an almost intuitive system that reads your body and knows how you can have your very best sleep,” Kulek notes. “But you can also personally program the bed. For instance, if you took a flight here from London and land in the wrong time frame, it can help you have a power nap to get into the right timeframe.”

Pahel believes that Bryte beds will become very popular, and that hotels that offer them will draw loyal users of the bed to their resorts over other similar hotels that don’t.

“This is my prediction,” Pahel says, “If I’m traveling and I see that a hotel brand has a Bryte bed, I am going to choose to stay there because I know that I can just type in my name and the bed will automatically conform to my set sleep preferences. It is zero work on my end as a guest, and I am guaranteed a great sleeping experience. As a traveler, that’s worth it to me.”

Pahel’s team is so convinced that this bed will be a hit with guests, it has created a website where guests can purchase the Bryte bed – along with other in-room technologies offered by the resort – through the hotel for at-home use.

Kulek has already seen this scenario play out at his hotel.

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