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Burger King Unveils Customized 'Have It Your Way' Online Experience

Burger King Corp. announced today a redesign of its website, making it an enhanced, consumer-friendly portal that aggregates the best of Burger King Corp.'s original content. From successful micro sites that still attract considerable Web traffic, such as 2004's and 2007's, to the brand's boldest advertising creative, the site blends Burger King Corp.'s unique brand voice with more advanced traditional site elements. Fans of the King can browse the one-stop site to view favorites, such as 'Whopper Freakout,' 'Pet Moustache' and even the brand's iconic King modeling for his own signature fragrance FLAME, making the go-to destination for the brand's distinct and compelling content.

With a completely new look and feel that reflects the Burger King brand aesthetic and attitude, the Web site embodies the 'Have it Your Way' brand promise with customizable functionality. For example, the home page lets visitors select the type of information they want to see each time they return by moving sliding bars left and right for three main categories: 'Food: product innovation and nutritional information;' 'Fun: the latest in ads, television parodies and user-generated content;' and 'King: all things King-related for those fans who can't get enough.' Soon, guests who register online at can also receive rewards and incentives for discounted Burger King menu items and more.

"This enhanced website bridges the gap between what audiences see on television, in restaurants and online, bringing together the advertising and viral content that SuperFans have come to know and love from Burger King," says Brian Gies, vice president, marketing impact, Burger King Corp. "In focus groups, consumers confirmed what they wanted - rewards and value, along with a compelling reason to stay and explore the site. The result is an interactive platform that puts the brand at their fingertips and gives them the power to tailor the site to their personal needs and interests."

Additional features
Visitors can also navigate a host of new, highly interactive features and essential nuts-and-bolts resources, including the following:

  • The 'Build a Meal' menu allows users to compile individual menu items for a nutritional snapshot of their favorite Burger King meal.
  • Fans of America's Favorite Burger, the Whopper sandwich, can mix and match the sandwich's classic ingredients to create a wide range of different Whopper sandwich builds with the 'Burger Builder' feature.
  • The 'Restaurant Locator' features satellite functionality that not only shows the restaurant location via a traditional online map, but also invites guests to click and drag the King icon to any location, allowing them to get a King's eye view of any restaurant location in the U.S.

Visitors will be able to explore press releases, company financial and corporate responsibility information, career and franchise opportunities and much more.

New at
Throughout the summer, the youngest fans of Burger King Corp. and their parents will also discover an enhanced, the brand's Web site especially for kids. The site lets kids chat with other members, customize their avatars, and will soon feature a member 'Buddylist', expanding the site's online communication capabilities. Visitors are also able to enter codes found on BK Kids Meal packaging for virtual rewards for their avatars.

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