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Burger King Operators Opt for Enterprise-Level View of Business

Burger King franchisees GPS Hospitality of Atlanta, Ga., and Capital Restaurant Group, LLC, of North Charleston, S.C., have chosen RTIconnect for their back office technology.  GPS Hospitality has 42 restaurants in Georgia and Capital Restaurant Group has 28 restaurants in South Carolina.
RTI helps these two high-performance Burger King operators achieve objectives for growth and continued success by making it easier for them to have an enterprise-level view of their business, to monitor the progress of each restaurant, and to maximize profits by keeping controllables in line.
RTI is a leading developer of technology solutions for the restaurant industry and a Microsoft Certified Partner. Today more than 10,000 restaurants, including many of today’s best known brands, rely on a broad suite of RTI hospitality solutions. Incorporated in 1985, the company is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. 
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