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Botanique Hotel Prague Blooms with Infor

Infor announced that Botanique Hotel Prague, a newly independent lifestyle hotel in central Prague, has implemented Infor EzRMS. The application provides a centralized revenue management software solution that delivers an intelligent, dynamic, and consistent view of optimal potential revenue for the hotel’s 214 rooms.

Following a rebranding and a thorough review of the market as the hotel moved out of a well-known chain to become independent, Infor EzRMS was chosen based on its capacity for artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to recognize patterns and help ensure optimized rate and pricing recommendations. The intelligent software solution will help maximize the hotel’s yield and profit. The cloud-based deployment of EzRMS provides a complete view of the various market segments and channels within specialized dashboards to empower the team at the Botanique Hotel Prague to gain essential market insights to enable more effective strategies.

“As we completed our rebrand and established the Botanique Hotel Prague as an independent, we realized we needed to choose a revenue management tool that could offer us a one-stop solution across our diverse markets,” said Tomas Nesvorny, general manager of Botanique Hotel Prague. “With a centralized view that enables us to track all of our segments, we are now positioned superbly to capitalize on market improvements as we move beyond the current restrictions of COVID.”

“Hotels across Europe have recognized that a keen grasp on revenue will be vital to ensure they can return to health as quickly as possible,” said Wolfgang Emperger, vice president of Infor Hospitality. “Just as many hotels have refurbished and ensured that rooms are ready for guests to return, they also have considered the critical role of demand forecasting and dynamic pricing strategies. We are excited to work with the team at Botanique Hotel Prague as they pursue greater success in 2021.”

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