Bbot Debuts Ghost Kitchen Platform 

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Bbot, a hospitality tech startup dedicated to simplifying and improving the ordering and payments process, today launched an all-in-one virtual brand platform that will transform the ghost kitchen experience.

Ghost kitchens, which have the potential to be a $1 trillion global market by 2030, are currently underserved in the technology space.

Soaring Demand

Restaurants are leveraging ghost kitchens, dark kitchens and virtual brands. TGI Fridays is among the brands that has seen soaring demand for off-premises dining and plans to open 500 ghost kitchens in the US and abroad.  Wow Bao, CEC Entertainment and Brinker International shared their innovative -- and different -- approaches.  Nathan's Famous, Inc. is expanding its virtual concept in Canada, through a partnership with Branded Virtual Kitchens Canada.  And depending on how you look at ghost kitchens, Walmart could be your greatest dream or your worst nightmare.

Despite the rapid adoption of ghost kitchen and virtual brand models, many of these businesses were forced to rely on fragmented technology in order to function, piecing together different software solutions to build what they need, often at an increased cost to the owner, says Bbot.

Today’s growing ghost kitchen and virtual brand sector requires seamless integration and the ability to manage delivery from a single platform. As a dedicated partner to small businesses everywhere, Bbot identified the most common problems faced by these budding brands and developed custom software that removes the biggest barriers that currently exist for ghost kitchens and operators. Today, with an advanced technology platform that allows them to compete with traditional restaurant models, these virtual brands will be able to not only survive, but thrive. What’s more, this integrated solution allows businesses to adapt quickly, offering both on-premise and virtual options as they face a second COVID winter and slower foot traffic, ultimately increasing their bottom line.  

Bbot is committed to helping ghost kitchen owners and operators manage all of their brands in one place with a solution that is digital and contactless – key features that allow restaurants to thrive in today’s environment. The online ordering system, which caters to both first- and third-party delivery, allows users to host their own digital delivery from a branded menu and send auto-updates to third-party platforms, creating a simpler and more user-friendly experience. 

This new platform is suitable for businesses of all sizes as well, helping both the mom and pops find new revenue streams to support the demands of today’s consumer, as well as supporting larger brands in a pivot to a more flexible business model. 

“Bbot’s technology has been key for building our digital food community in North Carolina,” said Jen Classic, Director of Technology for The City Kitch. “Their flexible tech makes it easy to launch a virtual brand and manage orders through a variety of channels.”

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