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Bauer Hotels Implements RMS to Ensure Growth

IDeaS Revenue Solutions has announced that the luxury Venetian hotel group, The Bauer Hotels, has implemented the IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) across the hotels in its collection.
The Bauer Hotels’ flagship property, L’Hotel, opened its doors in 1880. Since then, the group has grown to include three further properties, Il Palazzo, the Palladio Hotel and Spa and Villa F, an exclusive set of private residences. Bauer Hotels is unique in Venice in that it has always been an independent, family-owned business, committed to setting the benchmark for luxury in a traditional Venetian setting.
Bauer Hotels was aware of the vital importance of revenue management to their continued growth, and the group created a Revenue Manager position several years ago. However, it was apparent that despite this appointment, the group was still missing valuable revenue opportunities.
As Bauer Hotels had just completed a series of refurbishments to all their properties, the group was particularly keen to drive better revenue in order to recoup the costs of the extensive revamp.
The IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) has since been implemented across the key hotels in the Bauer portfolio – L’Hotel, Il Palazzo and the Palladio Hotel. In addition, revenue management mentoring was provided by IDeaS Hospitality Consulting. The mentoring was used to ensure that the system would be optimised fully, as well as to analyse their market segmentation and business processes, and make relevant suggestions for enhancement. The Consulting team also acted as an interim solution whilst the position for Revenue Manager at Bauer Hotels was being filled.

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