Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Optimizes Profits with Rainmaker Group

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, called upon The Rainmaker Group for profit optimization solutions to grow its business. The AAA Four Diamond hotel, spa and gaming retreat will utilize GuestREV, Rainmaker’s flagship revenue management solution, built upon proven forecasting and optimization algorithms to provide the most accurate forecasts as well as optimal pricing. It integrates with leading property management systems as well as in-house and legacy systems.

“We were drawn to Rainmaker’s cutting-edge research and proven scientific approach when exploring how best to optimize our profits,” said Cheraz Ecker, general manager, Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. “Our property is multi-faceted – from the hotel to spa, dining, gaming and conference facilities – and we needed a true partner with proven technology to guide us to maximum profitability. Rainmaker’s four marquee solutions were an easy choice.”
Atlantis intends to benefit from the complete Rainmaker solution, including GroupREV, which delivers intelligent pricing – compliant with revenue management policy – and optimized to capture a sale in seconds. Revcaster, a tool for market-specific hotel price comparison and rate positioning, will give Atlantis an edge in the competitive Reno market, and Rainmaker’s Business Intelligence web-based platform will generate timely and actionable insights that leverage different sources of data to support Atlantis’ profitability goals.
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