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ASI / Restaurant Manager's Write-On Handheld Now on iPod Touch

Action Systems, Inc. (ASI), makers of the Restaurant Manager Point-of-Sale System for the foodservice industry, today announced that their Write-On Handheld software is now available for use on Apple's iPod touch. First released in 2001, the Write-On Handheld allows servers to take orders and process payments right at tableside. The new solution is available to hospitality establishments using v17 of the Restaurant Manager POS System.

Installed in hundreds of restaurants nationwide, the Write-On Handheld is already proven to enhance customer service, boost check averages and speed table turns. Spiro Gioldassis, general manager of Mrs. K's Tollhouse restaurant in Silver Spring, MD has implemented the Write-On Handheld on an iPod touch and immediately recognized the benefits. "Taking orders is extremely easy, there's virtually no learning curve. That allows servers to cover more tables and speed service to customers," says Gioldassis. "Moreover the iPod touch devices are not costly which has allowed me to outfit my entire server team with them."

When the Write-On Handheld on an iPod touch is fitted with a magnetic strip reader (MSR), the device also offers a powerful pay-at-the-table solution that speeds table turns and offers restaurant customers the added security of keeping their credit card in sight at all times. "Customers are acutely aware of the potential of credit card fraud. Having a fully-integrated, low-cost, tableside ordering and payment solution gives customers the extra assurance their information is safe while setting us apart from other restaurants," says Gioldassis.

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