ASI Enhances Write-On Handheld Tableside Tool

Action Systems, Inc. (ASI), makers of the Restaurant Manager Point-of-Sale System for the foodservice industry, has just released the latest software version for the Write-On Handheld tableside ordering and payment solution using an iPod touch. The Version 17 release includes new features such as split check, real-time alerts on triggers such as item deletions, item voids or VIP customers, and support for real-time inventory counters allowing for improved visibility of item stock levels. The latest release also supports use of the Linea-pro 4 Magnetic Card Reader from Infinite Peripherals for integrated pay at the table capabilities.
The Write-On handheld for the iPod touch is the newest advance in tableside ordering and payment. Cava, serving Greek Mezze and located in Rockville, MD, has adopted the Write-On Handheld and its wait staff uses iPod touches for all order taking at tableside.
“Taking orders with the Write-On using an iPod Touch had already helped improve the average check and increase table turns” says Andreas Georgiou, manager of Cava. “Now new features like alerts give me real-time operational information no matter where I am in the restaurant, and split check makes servers even more efficient. Plus using an iPod Touch combined with pay-at-the table capabilities truly sets us apart from other competing restaurants in the neighborhood.”

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