Arena Del Mar Hotel Selects ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions and Zaplox for Digital Key Compatibility With Cloud-based Access Management

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions as a provider of advanced security technology for the hospitality industry and together with Certified Partner, Zaplox AB, a leading innovator of contactless mobile guest journey solutions and mobile key services, have announced the integration of digital key functionality with the Vostio Access Management solution at Arena Del Mar Hotel. Situated between Seattle and Portland on the US west coast, Arena Del Mar Hotel’s adoption of Mobile Access via integration with Vostio Access Management by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions represents the industry’s latest evolution towards simultaneously maximizing guest safety and convenience while boosting operational efficiency.

Arena Del Mar Hotel’s decision to integrate Mobile Access comes from its goal to provide guests with instant check-in convenience while reducing germ risks from close physical contact and shared surfaces. By adopting Mobile Access by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions through the integrating of Zaplox’s guest-facing app technology with Vostio Access Management, the property can now provide each guest with the effortless ability to check-in digitally using their own smart devices. Further eliminating the need for guests to wait in line at the front desk where germs may be present, is the additional ability for guests to use personal devices as a secure digital key to gain instant access to guestrooms and other hotel areas.  

The integration of Mobile Access with Vostio Access Management also serves to combine the benefits of digital key technology with the latest advances in cloud-based security access innovation. In contrast to traditional access management platforms, Vostio Access Management’s cloud-based design removes the need for costly onsite servers while providing hotel staff with the ability to oversee security access operations from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Significantly, the elimination of physical servers also translates into no onsite maintenance and instant software updates that ensure Vostio Access Management is always protected against newly discovered vulnerabilities.

"The introduction of our very own mobile key app is a great milestone that opens up new possibilities for both our guests and Arena Del Mar to handle keys in an easier, safer and smarter way than we have before. With the app we now also have an additional communication channel to utilize for promoting the hotel and its latest offers to our guests – before, during and after their stay", says Heather Hamilton, owner of Arena Del Mar Hotel.

Hotels have several options to implementing Mobile Access, including as a standalone solution or as a feature integrated into a hotel’s existing guest-facing app. At Arena Del Mar Hotel, Mobile Access is made available to guests by Zaplox as a Certified Partner, offering additional app functionality and flexibility. In addition to providing guests with digital key abilities, Zaplox further provides the ability for guests to locate hotel information or details on available promotions by simply opening the app on their device.  

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