Aqua Hotels Sees Web Booking Boost Two Weeks after Adoption of Search Engine Optimization Services

Aqua Hotels & Resorts, a full-service hotel management company, is using Relevant Searches' new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2.0 services to manage Aqua's online search marketing campaigns.

Relevant Searches' SEO 2.0 services give Aqua control over organic search messages and campaign profitability for individual web pages, which is not possible with other search marketing programs. As a result, Aqua experienced a significant rise in reservations and web traffic in less than two weeks after starting the campaign.

Similar to most hospitality companies around the world, Aqua was affected by the worldwide recession in 2008. The company was confident that it offered the best hospitality service and value in Hawaii, but how could it reach hard-hit consumers with its message? Aqua•s director of internet strategy, Amber Watt, decided that a search marketing campaign was the best strategy to find travelers who were actively searching for high value in luxury travel.

"The Search Engine Marketing Programs run by Relevant Searches have consistently achieved the highest ROI of any search marketing initiatives we've done," says Watt. "Their guidance, attention to detail and accessibility has helped us immensely during the historic challenges that the Hawaii industry has faced this past year."

Key program features
Relevant Searches used a pay-per-click advertising strategy for Aqua through the Yahoo! Search Submit Pro program. Relevant Searches' professional team of writers crafted customized listings that would appeal to travelers who were evaluating Hawaiian destinations as well as those comparing resorts around the world. The program included:

  • Keyword Identification and Testing: discovery of highly enriched keywords and key combinations that produce superior rankings and click-through rates.
  • Customized Creative Development: Gives marketers control over messaging in search results through hand-written titles and descriptions.
  • Conversion Tracking and Optimization: Constant ROI optimization through feed enrichment, message refinement and trimming poor performing web pages. Enforcement of campaign business rules for any web page, traffic volume and/or ROI. Up-to-the-minute access to clicks, costs.
  • Daily Feed Updates: Updated daily to reflect current inventory and pricing — directly into search engines.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Up-to-the-minute access to clicks, costs and conversions for each web page.
  • Daily Optimization: Improvement and/or removal of under-performing web pages and campaigns

With Relevant Searches' SEO 2.0 services, Aqua was able to increase their visibility for broader search terms, even outperforming competitors on specific searches.

"Working with Relevant Searches has had a positive impact on both our revenue and brand," says Watt. "Their unique ability to manage our online marketing campaigns has given us a level of control and profitability not possible with other search marketing programs."

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