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Aptech Upgrades Profitvue for Single and Multi-property Accounting

Aptech Computer Systems, Inc. has released a new version of it financial accounting software, Profitvue, with a comprehensive suite of enhancements that enable operators to manage their hospitality businesses more efficiently. Aptech’s team enhanced many of Profitvue multi-company and accounts payable functions to increase its versatility and strength.
Aptech partnered with many of its more than 700 Profitvue users to identify which performance management functionality upgrades would provide the greatest operational benefits. The multi-company functionality in Profitvue Version 14.5 makes global check searches effortless, provides multi-property edit lists, and has new ACH (Automate Clearing House) functionality. Profitvue’s accounts payable now enables operators to electronically transfer a specified check run to their bank for vendor payments; this saves operator processing time and paper. Profitvue 14.5 also has new printing capabilities including one-button reporting conversions that let operators convert financials to both Excel and PDF formats; this streamlines many accounting functions.
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