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Application Allows Drive-Thru Pre-orders on Mobile Devices

Snapfinger, provider of remote web and mobile ordering and pre-payment services for the restaurant industry, has announced the creation of the “Extended Drive Thru” (EDT) remote ordering application, specifically designed for the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry.  This new application features a mobile pre-order function that allows customers to order and pay via mobile device prior to arrival. 
With the EDT mobile application, guests can submit their order and pre-pay, at which time the order is placed into a “held state” within the mobile application. Once the mobile device crosses a pre-defined geographic boundary, as identified via real-time geo location technology, the order is released from the mobile device into the POS system of the selected QSR for fulfillment and pick-up.  Each QSR has the ability to set its geo fence based on several business rules or parameters specific to that location’s unique characteristics.  These parameters include ideal distance based on drive up or walk up traffic patterns as well as time of day, day of week, and size of order. 
Snapfinger will initially offer this feature exclusively to QSR concepts that serve Coca Cola products.  Coke has a long standing, exclusive marketing relationship with Snapfinger.  “This could revolutionize the QSR industry as we know it today considering the physical limitations of traditional single lane QSR Drive-Thru operations,” said Chris Lowe, President of Coca Cola FoodService. 
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