Another Broken Egg Cafe Debuts New Look

Locations in Raleigh and Morrisville, N.C., are the among the locations that feature the New South design with a a full-service bar. Plus the brand has added QR code-enabled payments.
Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Another Broken Egg Raleigh

Another Broken Egg Cafe is unveiling the brand’s “New South” design today at its Raleigh, N.C., location.  

Full Focus on Bar &Cocktails

Another Broken Egg Cafe has recently introduced its “New South” design with the vision of a reimagined brunch experience. Many cafes are in the process of being re-imaged and, moving forward, new cafes will feature this light, bright, modern design that honors the brand’s Southern-inspired heritage. The New South design significantly highlights the full bar, which drives incremental sales of Another Broken Egg Cafe’s signature, hand-crafted cocktails.

In related news, Another Broken Egg Cafe is also opening in Guntersville, Alabama. This location is owned and operated by Lori and Herbert Buckner. 

Additionally, the brand's New South design includes the opportunity to double a cafe’s bar seating by providing bar access to on-patio diners.

Digital Demands

In Q4 '21, Paul Macaluso, President & CEO of Another Broken Egg Café,  shared details with HT on the brand’s impressive technology transformation. “Because of the shift we had to make to get into the business, both through third-party delivery, our own online ordering platform through Olo, as well as now getting into more catering, it's been a very incremental and significant part of our business  – up to 15 percent, and it's actually growing. It's been a huge shift for us. It's had implications on our technology, on our store design and obviously on our customers, but all in a very beneficial way for our business,” Macaluso explained in Digital Demands Present New Challenges, Opportunities for Restaurants.  

To handle the increased number of off-prem orders, some locations have shelving for to-go orders, some have separate entrances or a combination of both, explained Jan Barnett, Chief Marketing Officer, Another Broken Egg Café, to HT

“We’re continuing to evolve the New South design to adapt to our off-premises order needs as we continue to grow that area of our business and learn what works,” she said.

Inside the restaurant, Another Broken Egg uses Revel POS at its corporate stores and is in the process of rolling out to its franchise-owned cafes as well.  “Servers are equipped with tablets for ordering, and when we drop the check, a QR code is provided for immediate guest payment.

"We just launched earlier this month and we’re already starting to see a reduction in median table turns in our cafes. A win/win for the guest and for our operations and sales,” said Barnett.

Understanding QR Codes

The brand is one of the fastest-growing, franchised breakfast and brunch concepts in the nation — and the only franchised brand in the daytime cafe segment with a full bar producing signature, hand-crafted cocktails.