Angie Hospitality Reimagines Guest Experience with Smart Hotel Technology and Expanded Partner Ecosystem

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Showcasing Hotel Efficiencies and Contactless, AI Integrations at ITB Berlin

​​Angie Hospitality® by Nomadix, a provider of voice-activated and contactless technology solutions for hotels, announced a reimagined guest experience that boosts traveler loyalty and satisfaction while increasing operational efficiencies. Through its flagship digital concierge, smart hotel functionality and integrated systems, Angie helps hotels meet the new evolving expectations of guests with an intelligent level of control. Angie Hospitality will be exhibiting its suite of solutions at ITB Berlin March 9-12.

“In an environment where safety and budgets are top concerns, we are helping hotels rethink the guest journey with a modern approach that boosts efficiency of all touch points,” said David Millili, CEO at Angie Hospitality. “Through voice technology, AI and the smart hotel functionality, hoteliers can create the needed contactless experience without losing the personalized, human touch our industry is known for.” 

With contactless check-ins, digital keys, voice-enabled room controls (e.g., smart thermostat, lights, curtains), smart TV casting, a digital concierge fulfilling requests and remote check-out, guests can get high-touch service without the physical touch. The personalized, modern experience creates high satisfaction and loyalty, and these preferences can be saved for future stays. 

For hotels, the smart features streamline guest requests (e.g., new towels, check outs, amenity bookings) and assist stretched hotel staff. The smart integrations also create additional efficiencies to reset thermostats, shut off lighting and even close curtains as guests check out. 

Angie Hospitality also expanded its partner ecosystem based on demand and quality of the joint offerings with SONIFI, Amadeus Service Optimization (HotSOS) and Telkonet. The integration with SONIFI allows guests to control the TV through voice commands. With Telkonet, guests can control the thermostat without touching it, and hotels can control master settings when guests aren’t in the rooms. With many hotels leveraging Amadeus Service Optimization (HotSOS) workflows, Angie pairs nicely to assist staff with guests’ in-room requests. The ecosystem combines the sought-after functionality and intelligence to make the new guest journey a reality.

Angie also offers flexible, subscription pricing options to enable hotels to make safety and other necessary upgrades without the up-front, per-room hardware investment typically required in this market. 

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