American Liberty Hospitality Able to Optimize Property Performance with Aptech

Nick Massad, Jr. started in the hotel business as a bellboy to help put himself through college. At graduation he took a job with American Liberty Hospitality and worked his way up to general manager. He and his wife acquired ALH in 1990 when the company’s owners decided to leave the hospitality industry. Today, American Liberty Hospitality (ALH) is a family owned and operated, hotel management and development company and operates 20 properties with Hilton, IHG and other flags in Texas and Louisiana.
ALH began with limited service properties, but they expanded to more and larger properties because it delivered solid results for its owners.
“Today, we operate our 20-property portfolio for multiple owners and investors. We are price conscious operators,” said Craig Kaplan, vice president of corporate operations, ALH. “Our management and development decisions are based on owner wellbeing regardless of property or brand. We manage each property as if the owner is us.”
American Liberty’s portfolio growth quickly revealed that its financial system was unable to provide detailed property performance reporting. ALH’s owners wanted timely performance reports and the company’s executive team wanted greater visibility into daily property operations for decision making. However, ALH was manually entering property audit numbers into Excel to track management-decision impact on revenue and expenses, which eventually became too much work.
“ALH’s success triggered our search for stronger hotel-specific accounting, forecasting, and business intelligence systems to help us hit our property goals,” Kaplan noted.
ALH spoke to several hotel companies about their financial and operational software before selecting Aptech Computer Systems’ hotel software. ALH installed Aptech’s entire suite of products: Profitvue enterprise accounting, Execuvue Business Intelligence (BI), and Targetvue Budgeting and Forecasting.
“Timely Business Intelligence analysis is essential for any hotel company that manages by the numbers to reach its goals,” Kaplan said. “With Aptech we do same-day performance reporting.”
Profitvue automatically collects property audit data and flows it into Execuvue for analysis and a variety of ownership and management reports.
“Aptech’s Execuvue definitely makes our operation more efficient. This benefits our owners,” Kaplan said. “We provide actionable property performance analysis reports whenever needed. The system lets us identify and act immediately on issues that may affect profitability. These hotel software financial tools make us proactive managers who are able to intelligently achieve our owners’ goals. Now we optimize property performance with strategies based on actual performance.
“As ALH evolved with the new financial platform we found more highly qualified executives to join our team,” he added. “We changed from a small company with staff who knew how to audit a hotel, to a group of management professionals who understood how to put BI data to work for owners.” 
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