Alarm Monitoring Companies to Provide Temperature Monitoring for Food Services

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Alarm Monitoring Companies to Provide Temperature Monitoring for Food Services

Green Edge Systems, Inc., a HACCP temperature monitoring provider for food services, presents its All-In-One Monitoring and DataNet state-of-the-art affordable hardware products, software and communication platforms for alarm monitoring companies.

The new All-In-One Monitoring platform allows alarm monitoring companies to add temperature monitoring for their food service customers. Alarm monitoring companies can provide monitoring services to refrigeration systems in addition to their existing alarm monitoring services without the need for upgrade their current alarm monitoring equipment.

The All-In-One Monitoring platform for alarm monitoring companies is part of a new family of interfaces to the DataNet wireless sensor platform that also includes:
  • All-In-One Monitoring platform for temperature monitoring of multi-location food services such as school food services.
  • All-In-One Monitoring platform for maintenance directors.
  • All-In-One Monitoring platform for refrigeration service companies that can manage remotely their customers' refrigeration equipment.
  • All-In-One Monitoring platform for energy managers that help optimize the energy efficient use of their refrigeration systems.
Alarm monitoring companies and refrigeration service companies can provide their customers with temperature and performance monitoring of refrigeration equipment in addition to central monitoring services.

All-In-One Monitoring features its own dashboard interface which allows full screen central monitoring of temperature, performance, predictive maintenance and energy efficiency monitoring of the refrigeration systems, in a single view.

When receiving alerts from All-In-One Monitoring, customers get an indication of the severity and urgency of the problem.