Airport Marriott Hotel Lobby Touchscreen Offers Travelers Virtual Concierge Option

As the habits and needs of business travelers have changed over the years, the BWI Airport Marriott Hotel has evolved to keep up with the latest in technology, dining, and hospitality trends. Technology especially has become an essential part of the 21st century traveler experience; in that spirit, the BWI Marriott has unveiled its new Interactive Media Board, a unique digital concierge system located in the hotel's newly revealed Lobby {Reinvented}.

Powered by the Four Winds Interactive software platform and built on the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, the Interactive Media Board is a giant touchscreen TV monitor, 56 inches at its diagonal, which displays a customizable set of important information for hotel guests. Anyone with experience using the touchscreens on such popular devices as the iPhone, iPod Touch or Blackberry will immediately feel right at home with the Interactive Media Board's interface.

A variety of digital content, frequently updated, is available at all times: the latest news; restaurant recommendations and their locations on a large, easy-to-read map; weather reports for up to three days in advance; and local entertainment, events, and points-of-interest around the city. From its central location in the hotel's new Lobby {Reinvented}, it provides attendees with on-demand program information, schedules, and locations in the hotel. All displayed on a crystal clear LCD touchscreen and easily printed to a nearby printer, this content will keep business travelers informed and ready for the day, all at the touch of a finger.

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